RSI Sponsors Charity Golf Event

Resource Stack, Inc was pleased to be a sponsor for the first annual HBCU Charity Golf Tournament at Diamond Ridge Golf Course. The Tournament raised funds for My Sister’s Place and Men Stopping Violence in support of women and children survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence.We are looking forward to next year’s charity tournament!

Cloud Services in the COVID Era

Cloud services cater to the on demand needs of the world today. What started as a base for internet based applications has become a common system that is implemented everywhere. Anything that can be accessed on the internet is up on the cloud. Due to the mass availability of this system, as well as the decreased maintenance[…]

Working During a Pandemic

During pandemic ridden times, it can be hard to keep productivity up in a team. Everyone is in the comfort of their homes, and there is no interaction with each other. The good news is, that there are plenty of solutions to help combat the pandemic slump that everyone seems to be suffering. There are two main[…]

5 Ways a Time Management System Increases Productivity

Times like now or drawing more attention to company productivity and organization. Looking for a solution will often find executives weighing the options of a time management system. Before making a strong decision, it is important to consider five keyways time management systems can increase productivity and organization in companies. Easy list and visual on what has[…]

The Increased Use/Need for HR Business Systems

Human resources is becoming a large part of businesses in America. This comes as a new shift in corporate mentality takes hold. Companies have gone from the impersonally robotic employee management that focused purely on numbers, to a more holistic based work model. Human Resources is the best example of this change. By having a specific branch[…]