Resource Stack now has the expertise to integrate security into our DevOps skillset to deliver DevSecOps to our commercial, government and non-profit clients. According to Red Hat, cloud-native technologies don’t lend themselves to static security policies and checklists. Rather, security must be continuous and integrated at every stage of the app and infrastructure life cycle.


DevSecOps means building security into app development from end to end. This integration into the pipeline requires a new organizational mindset as much as it does new tools. With that in mind, DevOps teams should automate security to protect the overall environment and data, as well as the continuous integration/continuous delivery process—a goal that will likely include the security of microservices in containers.

Security and risk management leaders need to adhere to the collaborative, agile nature of DevOps to be seamless and transparent in the development process, making security as silent and seamless as possible.

This allows for more automation from the beginning of a project and reduces the chance of mistakes, that can lead to attacks and downtime. The automation frees security experts from manually configure security consoles.

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