Agile Transformation & The benefits of Implementing the Agile approach

Agile has become a rising star in the IT world. With the distinct ability to create a fast paced continuous flow of work delivery, it has revolutionised team systems. These systems can vary from SCRUM to Kanban, and while the final goal is to achieve a flexible team management system that delivers at a fast pace, it can be a daunting transition. 

The transformation a company goes through in the process of successfully implementing and Agile approach draws in multiple facets. While changes on the surface are clear (e.i. Adopting SCUM style meetings or a Kanban style team board), these only address half of the change. Agile’s success depends on the complete team mentality change from a rigid outdated system to a new and more flexible one. To achieve this it is vital for there to be a teamwide mentality change. Changing the waythe team thinks about tasks, is the goal of Agile based approaches.

Agile based approaches have a variety of benefits. The most prominent three are; Improved Quality, Flexibility, and Speed. Agile can help improve product/code quality by breaking every part down into smaller chunks that allow for the team members to know exactly what they are expected to do. By creating this clear what, why, when system, Agile based approaches and improve quality by eliminating burnout. Agile’s flexibility is perhaps its biggest strength. With the ability to change course at the drop of a dime, it gives the team the freedom of not being locked into one path. Easier solutions can be implemented as soon as they are thought of, and clients can also have a say in the product in a more timely fashion. Finally, Agile approaches provide speed. In hand with the decreased burnout and flexibility, Agile based approaches can save teams time and energy.

The newest way to manage teams and tasks has revolutionized product development. Agile based approaches create a mentality change that pushes towards increased quality, productivity, and speed. With this in mind, it is not surprising to see so many companies turning to this style.