The Increased Use/Need for HR Business Systems

Human resources is becoming a large part of businesses in America. This comes as a new shift in corporate mentality takes hold. Companies have gone from the impersonally robotic employee management that focused purely on numbers, to a more holistic based work model. Human Resources is the best example of this change. By having a specific branch within the company to mitigate employee interactions, data, and amenities companies are able to ensure each employee’s standard of work. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the Human Resources managers ranked 35th in employment projection data out of 800 in the US alone. Human Resources departments have a history of being understaffed or nonexistent, especially in small businesses, but this new wave of change is showing that leadership in the 21st-century values the individuals within the company. This new change of viewing employees as human beings has created a more comprehensive and positive working environment. Human Resources is used as a tool to help companies propel themselves further and appreciate their employees. The clear growth prospects and positive impact on companies with HR departments helps build a strong case for them. Having HR centered business models can increase productivity and employee satisfaction levels. Noting this, it is not surprising that businesses are leaning on them more every day.